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We are a veteran owned small business. We pride ourselves in offering the Tri-Star effect of professional firearms and defensive training, security consulting, and personal protection services. Our instructors and protection personnel have extensive experience in their fields and have the proper training, background, and equipment to offer the highest level of professional services.

Jeff Kirkham, inventor of RATS Tourniquet, has served 28 years with the US Army Special Forces (active and guard), with numerous operational deployments to worldwide posts in both semi-permissive and non permissive environments. He is currently a Master Sergeant (18Z) with the 19th SFG (A) and, in the past, was a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

PerSys Medical was founded in Houston, Texas in 1988, initially operating under the name Performance Systems. The company provided a variety of marketing services to hi-tech companies attempting to penetrate the American marketplace. During its first ten years of operation, the company served over 100 corporate clients, bringing to market innovative products in a variety of fields including semi-conductors, software, telecommunication, and medicine. In 2003, the company narrowed its focus to the medical segment becoming a distributor for several manufacturing companies in the US and abroad. Most notably, PerSys introduced the Emergency Bandage, often called the “Israeli Bandage”, to the US Military. It has been a mainstay on the battlefield ever since.

Conveniently located just south of Fort Lauderdale, Our Law Enforcement Certified South Florida Tactical Firearms Instructors are offering Firearms Training, Gun Safety, Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW / CWP) Training, Home Defense, Street Survival, Self-Defense, Maritime Security & Defense, Civilian Specific Courses and Close Protection. We teach various tactics and techniques to Public and Private Law Enforcement Officers and civilians alike. Our seasoned instructors are active and former Police SWAT and Military Certified Firearms Instructors. All instructors are recognized by the State of Florida as Police Certified.

Global Elite Protection & Security Consulting (GEP) is a Florida-based security company formed to provide basic security and executive security services as well as assist in prevention and planning for emergencies and risks. GEP works friendly with all kind of costumers, local authorities, as well as State and Federal agencies, to provide the highest quality security to you, your home, and your business.

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